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Great Food and Wine Pairings

Graham Versailles is Waldorf Wine Group's Alberta Sales Manager: At various times a professional chef, athlete, and photographer - he is responsible for these marvellous and imaginative food and wine pairings as well as the artful photography.

Charlene et Laurent

Charlene et Laurent Pinson "Montee de Tonnerre" 2018. Finesse and refinement. Lemon peel. Sage and white pepper chiseled out of this tightly wound Chablis. The lees caress waves of acidity. Served with poached halibut. Medley of vegetables. Saffron and fennel touched. Cream and savoury.

Fritz Haag

This is beautiful! The waves of electric acidity deliver green plum and lime and nuances of baby nasturtium leaves. Perfect food wine. Cooks need this wine. Amazing!

Daniel Rion & Fils

Daniel Rion Bourgogne. So lovely. Raspberry fruit. Oak and spice. Some wonderful savoury notes. Herbs and a balanced delivery. Nice waves of acidity. Served with seed mustard and basil paste crusted chicken that was roasted on mirepoix. Button mushroom roasted potatoes. Sweet peas with mint and onion.

Selbach Oster Zeltinger Himmelreich Halbtrocken

"Kingdom of Heaven" Riesling. Wave after wave of acid delivers lime and green apples. Tropical tones of papaya, vanilla, and pineapple continue forever. Mouthwatering beauty. Perfect with curry and sushi. Served here with pan fried salmon. Celery root mash and oven roasted rosenkohl. Herb beurre blanc.

Lancelot Pienne Champagne

A fantastic dinner made by Bodega YEG. Mixed grill paella. Piri-Piri chicken and some devastating fresh Portuguese tarts. Served with Lancelot Pienne Champagne "Accord Majeur" incredible combo. Beautiful acidity. Punched through the rich paella. The custard and bubbled produced this beautiful fireworks of flavours. Pickup was easy and very friendly. Wonderful.

Chateau Bel-Orme

Chateau Bel-Orme Tronquoy de Lalande 2000. Beautiful. A blend of 60% Merlot and 40% Cabernet Sauvignon. Fragrant forest notes with light raspberry. Fine tannins. All with wonderful acidity. Perfect for Medalions of beef tenderloin with mushrooms and quatre espices. Quick ratatouille. Olive oil smashed potatoes. Butter finished jus. ‚Äč